Denis Balashov PR agency: the most original solutions

Дмитрий Руденко

Denis Balashov PR agency is a progressive independent PR agency that has successfully implemented more than 100 projects. Working with public opinion is the main component of business not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. A well-developed PR strategy will help you build a positive reputation and always be heard.

Services of Denis Balashov PR-agency:

  • PR campaign: strategic planning and implementation;
  • Holding press conferences;
  • Implementation of anti-crisis PR strategies;
  • Other events.

Denis Balashov

Want others to know about you? Contact the Balashov Denis agency!

There is everything that needs to be said in certain situations. We cooperate with both small and large companies. The specializаtion of agency Denis Balashov is building and working with public opinion. We always know what to say!

Principles of the Denis Balashov PR agency

Our openness, initiative and professionalism will help you make yourself known. Balashov Denis PR agency is on guard of your reputation!

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